XSQUIZZIT Partners are committed to building top tier websites with proven technology. The XSQUIZZIT TOTECS platform is a content management system with integrated eCommerce at its core. TOTECS is a flexible, feature rich base for our partners to develop on and a fully featured digital front office for the customer.


Our partners leverage XSQUIZZIT technology to create websites for customers. While XSQUIZZIT does perform in house website development we are currently shifting our focus to improving our technology platform and features that it provides. Our design and implementation partners are then able to use this technology in building customer websites.


Integrated eCommerce is efficiency. Orders placed on the website arrive in the client’s accounting system. Stock, debtor, and pricing information can be updated regularly and queried live. A robust initial set-up gives way to unparalleled ease of management.




The partner program is open to membership from designers, web developers and implementers, and eCommerce and SEO consultants. Joining the program is easy, simply fill out our partner application form below and get in touch with us!


The benefits of being an XSQUIZZIT Partner

  • Access to new leads and customers.

    Wholesalers and retailers throughout Australia operating MYOB, Micronet, Attache, Microsoft Navison, and SAP Business 1 number in the tens of thousands. As an XSQUIZZIT partner you’re able to build websites on a platform that already integrates into these systems. Leads that come directly to XSQUIZZIT are distributed to local partners.

  • Ongoing Revenue - be rewarded for your work!

    Developers and implementers receive 15% of the monthly software rental fees for each site. The more sites you build on our platform the higher percentage per customer, including previous sites that are still on our platform.

  • Referral Payments - be rewarded for your relationships!

    Your relationship with your customers isn’t just important, it’s valuable. At XSQUIZZIT we recognize the value you’ve put into building business relationships and networks. When you refer a customer to XSQUIZZIT, whether you work on the project or not, you’ll receive 10% of that customer’s software rental for their first 12 months on the platform.

  • Time Billing Freedom

    XSQUIZZIT provides you with a platform and support. When it comes to the design and implementation of the site, that’s between you and the customer.

  • A Proven System

    Integration with multiple accounting systems and unparalleled mirroring of pricing structures and debtor relationships are solved problems. The XSQUIZZIT TOTECS platform undergoes monthly software updates and is constantly being improved.

  • Dedicated Support

    We’re available to ensure your success on our software. If you’ve got an issue with the platform, general question about the partner program, a TOTECS module query, or anything else our support team and partner liaison are available directly during Australian business hours. An afterhours support number is available for priority requests.

Common Questions

Your questions from last year that we're thrilled to answer with a big YES
  • Does the platform integrate with accounting/ERP systems?
  • Can we do the design or implementation work?
  • Can we refer clients or bring our own?
  • Is the technology fully hosted and maintained?
  • Does the platform work on all browsers?
  • If we need a feature developed, is this possible?
  • Can others access newly developed features?
  • Is help available when we need it?
  • Can the client maintain their eCommerce website themselves?
  • Can clients get new features when they want them?
  • Does it work for business groups or franchises?
  • Is there capacity to continue to work with our clients on their websites?
  • We only want to do one bit, would you consider referring clients to us?
  • Does the platform support mobile/tablet websites and stores?


How do I join the partner program?
Fill out the form, below, or email partners@xsqit.com



What skills do I need to author websites on the XSQUIZZIT TOTECS platform?
An intermediate knowledge of HTML/CSS and Javascript is all that’s required. If you’ve ever built an eCommerce site before, or a Joomla or Drupal site, there should be very little learning curve.



Can I host your platform on my own server?
XSQUIZZIT’s platform is hosted in the cloud to allow us to perform monthly updates to the platform for all of our clients. These updates contain bug fixes, improvements, and new features. We are updating our platform so that partners may be provided with their own environment within our cloud or even their own hardware, however this currently in development by our R&D team and is only expected to be offered only to partners who have proven themselves on our technology.



Can you just give me the bit that connects between the accounting system and the CMS?
The XSQUIZZIT TOTECS platform is a complete solution. The strength of our platform comes from being built around integration. The user manager, inventory manager, checkout system, etc. are all designed for the accounting system integration. Each part is dependent on the whole. We’re committed to providing a solution that is easy to manage, correctly replicates business processes digitally, and reduces double handling.


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