Introducing Repspace Sales Rep Ordering Portal

29th October 2012

Over the past 6 months, XSQUIZZIT have been piloting the new Repspace module.  Built into the B2B online store, sales reps across our two largest client sites are processing in excess of $1.2m of online orders per month, and this is just the start!

Most distribution businesses rely on their sales Reps to generate new sales in the field.  Traditionally, reps venture out and visit their customers on site with a printed catalogue in hand and order entry form. Sometimes, they have the customer’s account status and product price lists.  Often reps write down orders and either key them back at base or fax them through.  A manual process often leads to costly mistakes that frustrates all parties and impacts the bottom line.  Furthermore, catalogues are only as good as they day they were printed and often limited in content.  Our own survey finds that most reps find it difficult to keep abreast of new products and prices.

Xsquizzit have taken a consultative approach in developing Repspace with 5 clients with differing online businesses. We have engaged with their reps and really looked at developing workflows that are fast, efficient and they deliver the information immediately. Repspace allows sales reps to login and create orders for customers using a mobile device such as an iPad.  The interface is designed so that Reps can work with customer to compile their order whilst offering confidential functions allowing the rep to explore sensitive information such as stock or price levels or negotiate specific prices.  When the order is submitted, the order sent to the Accounting/ERP immediately ready for processing and despatch. 

Whether it’s to facilitate crucial discussions about existing and new products, offer recommendations, on the spot deals, or taking orders on the fly, using Repspace will delight customers, increase productivity and sales, boosts confidence and eliminate mistakes.  Every day, your reps could login to a real-time priced catalogue that never goes out of date.  Please find a list of Repspace features below:

  • B2B Ordering Interface proven for tablets efficient touchscreen navigation or mouse navigation using laptops
  • Unlimited sales rep user accounts and simultaneously logged in
  • Single tap/click customer account switching (price levels, delivery addresses, stock and freight rules)
  • Create unlimited pending shopping baskets per account
  • Fast search by category or keyword in code, description or custom fields
  • Search results that display RRP, Customers’ Trade Price and any additional Discounted Price
  • Secure Product Item Enquiry to explore Live pricing and stock data (can be disabled)
  • Save shopping basket to shopping lists and share with customer
  • Set discounts or override pricing when Adding item to order
  • Customised Add to Cart comment fields (can be disabled)
  • Streamlined order submission process with email confirmation dispatched to customer
  • Rep accounts synchronised with Accounting/ERP system
  • Simple and intuitive Rep User account administration
  • Interface designed so that Rep can optionally train customers to place orders online.

Imagine your customer's satisfaction in receiving their order on time at correct pricing every time!  Think of the additional sales opportunities with Reps able to do things faster and respond to questions immediately.  Great service is all about customer retention and Repspace promises to deliver.  

XSQUIZZIT have invested over 900 hours in developing Repspace.  The module creates an efficient process for repetitive (but profitable) ordering tasks, and the savings can be exponential!  Repspace compliments your XSQUIZZIT web ordering system and makes every customer's orders customisable and immediate!

Depending on your current product mix and setup required, the Repspace module ranges between $300 - $400 per month plus assistance/training labour if required?  We can have you up and running within days!

Contact us to start your reps placing orders whilst on the go using XSQUIZZIT's Repspace solution and gain REAL efficiencies immediately.


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