Mobile eCommerce Takes Off  - Xsquizzit is on the Job!

29th October 2012

Over the past 2 years, our world has literally gone mobile.  We are jumping out of our laptops and into our phones and tablets. Once simply devices to facilitate phone calls, our mobiles are now our personal assistants.  As a consequence, mobile browsing is growing fast and expected to overtake desktop browsing within the next 2 years.

If you have browsed online via your phone, you will have sometimes noticed that the website may display with buttons and graphics optimized for the mobile device.  Put simply, you are browsing a mobile website.  Most of Australia's major banks have mobile websites such as or news sites such as

A mobile website is simply a website designed and optimized for mobile phone resolutions.  In the XSQUIZZIT platform, a mobile website is simply treated as a second content managed website with HTML content optimized for the mobile resolution.  The way it works is quite simple.  When you browse to a website from your mobile, the web server sees that you are coming from a mobile device and diverts you to your mobile content managed website instead of your main site.  

Mobile websites on the XSQUIZZIT platform have access to all the same underlying product and catalogue data with the added advantage of being ecommerce capable.  Due to the condensed navigation style and the fact the platform provides access to the same data as your eCommerce website, implementation of a mobile website is most often a much simpler process.  Once in place, you can be assured that end users will have a fun and easy browsing experience. 

Often, when a website does not come up nicely on a smart phone, the end user is unlikely to stick around.  Zooming in and out to browse the website is cumbersome and most likely to cause user frustration.  With mobile usage now averaging 20 - 25% of traffic and people comfortable using their phones for purchases, can you afford to be out of the mobile loop?

An XSQUIZZIT mobile solution is a no-brainer for the future longevity of your eCommerce Strategy. 

If you would like to discuss creating a mobile website, feel free to contact Eric today on 03 9645 2900 to discuss your mobile strategy.  Alternatively, email Eric on


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