Launching Quick Start eCommerce Edition

21st June 2013

It's finally arrived and its sure to turn heads.  Well, overheads that is and send them down.  It couldn't have come sooner as Small-Medium sized retail, commercial and wholesale distributors are under significant pressure to streamline their business process and expand beyond their geographic boundaries.  

Traditionally, integrated eCommerce is a complex and expensive road for distributors.  The task of integrating an eCommerce platform to back office accounting/ERP systems often taints the online experience.  In some cases businesses have given up and most others have simply dipped their toe into trading online.  

We are often asked for an out of the box integrated eCommerce Platform and the time of arrive is now months away.  Not only does the Quick Start Edition reduce the heavy upfront costs due to its open template, it has a billing model where you pay for online sales throughput.  No sales, no monthly fee.  The solution also comes with a handy twist.  That is, the client is not locked into a template but rather starts from a template.  They are free to modify their HTML/CSS Templates from the get go.  Website migration is also possible and easy to configure.

The Quick Start Edition also aims to stimulate the web development industry and build up their confidence in creating compelling B2B/B2C integrated eCommerce web stores.  Web developers have been longing for an eCommerce platform that gives them the flexibility to create flexible web store interfaces whilst handling all the complicated integrated ordering stuff behind the scenes.  Many web developers struggle with integrated eCommerce and either develop custom software to handle complex workflows or simply don't touch this area that has potential to become a lucrative arm of their operations.   

The Quick Start Edition is not a locked in template web store but rather a web store that starts as a template.  Businesses can employ their favourite designers or web developers (internal or external) to develop and expand their eCommerce strategy on the TOTECS Platform.  Once the proof is in the pudding and online sales are flooding in, clients can move to the fixed rental edition plans which ensure costs remain reasonable as their online business takes off.

The Quick Start Edition has been trialled by several clients over the past 12 months and the results are impressive.  One client has grown their online business from $0 to $40k of online sales per month.   Another client has built up their B2B business and is now ready to expand into online retailing.

The pilot phase completes on June 30th and the Quick Start Edition will be released in August 2013.  If this solution is of interest to your business, please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements prior to the release.