to deliver extraordinary
results for its customers
by further developing
the technology beyond

XSQUIZZIT has been exclusively
developing Live integrated online stores
since 2001. Today, XSQUIZZIT consists
of a team of enthusiastic people who
have worked tirelessly over the years to
develop and continue the evolution of
its advanced eCommerce systems with
the ability to integrate Live with well
known Accounting Systems.

XSQUIZZIT is committed to delivering
exquisite integrated Online Stores to
Small - Medium sized businesses

Our Live integration with a range of
Accounting Systems delivers unique
flexibility and outstanding productivity
gains for businesses and their

We are the experts in Websites,
Live integration and eCommerce
solutions, as this is what we have
done for over 8 years. Please note
that if you require advice on specific
Accounting Solutions, we can refer
you to our recommended accounting

Glenn Drew - Managing Director

Glenn Drew, has had over 10
years experience in the IT and
e-commerce business. In 2000,
Glenn tinkered with a basic
e-commerce package for his first
client; redesigning, developing and
wrapping his own platform around
the existing package to start what
has become a thriving, successful
e-commerce business - XSQUIZZIT

Glenn saw the potential for developing a strong e-commerce platform and after
the first implementation he was approached by an accounting software package
provider. Impressed by the flexibility and strength of his software they asked him
to integrate it with their system.

Glenn's drive and passion has never wavered and he has spent the last 9 years
working with his team in developing XSQUIZZIT's highly modular and flexible
e-commerce technology platform integrated in to mainstream accounting systems.

His primary focus is to outline the enormous process efficiencies, sales opportunities
and customer satisfaction gains made possible through a live e-commerce conduit
and work alongside SME's (Small and Medium Enterprises) to open up the world of
e-commerce in their business.

Amanda Seefeld - Marketing Manager

Amanda has had over 20 years experience in the
media, marketing and advertising fields, kick
starting her career in Radio.

Working on and off the air she got a firsthand
education in to advertising and commercial
identity. After graduating with a Bachelor of
Arts in Media she left Radio and entered the
lucrative world of advertising with a large WA
based agency, she was promoted 3 times in her
3 years before leaving to run the Promotions
Department at, "The Sunday Times".

Over the next 6 years Amanda worked for 3
major Newspapers including, "The West
Australian" and "Fairfax".

Andrew Rampling - System Operations Manager

Andrew Rampling has a Bachelor of
Arts (Multimedia) and a Diploma in IT.

In March 2009, Andrew joined the XSQUIZZIT
team as the Customer Service Co-ordinator.
After building a strong knowledge base of the
XSQUIZZIT Technology, he moved in to the role
of Systems Operations Manager in December
2009. Andrew is constantly striving to improve
our Data Centre Hardware Infrastructure and
Systems Administration Technology & Processes
as well as investigating dedicated Virtual Servers
for our clients as a premium option. Andrew
provides invaluable 2nd Level support to our
multiple departments.