Successful Sales teams
are ones that perform
at the highest level in
both conversation and
action. Sales is where
business begins.

99.7% Uptime Guaranteed

We have the best servers with 99.7%
uptime on average guaranteed!

Quality Systems Engineering

We pride ourselves on delivering
outstanding technology

Full Data Recovery

We back up your database every 4 hours
just in case any mishaps occur.

Customer Support Team

We are passionate about customer service
and offer high availability.

Uptime Guaranteed

Xsquizzit uses the best servers, offers
high redundancy and maintain a very
high level of up-time (on average 99.7%
per annum against a guaranteed 98%).
We monitor the operations of our clients'
eCommerce web stores every minute to
ensure their web stores are performing
at their peak 24/7.

We Quickly Recover When Mishaps Occur

Just as we use the Undo function
Word, it can be useful to have an Undo
function on your web store. To cater
for this or any critical failure, your web
store database is backed up every
4 hours. Furthermore, all other data
(images, attachments etc) are backed
up nightly and synchronised to a
separate backup server. We also have
dual site backups in case our primary
data centre fails. The fee also covers
automatic software upgrades.

Change Is Inevitable, We Don't Cope, We Create

The web is a fast moving medium and
we continue to invest into software
development to keep abreast of latest
developments. We release fixes,
improvements, browser compliancy
updates and new features every month.
Whilst highly individualized for your
business, your eCommerce Platform
runs on the common XSQUIZZIT logic
baseline. Every release must pass a rigorous

Quality Control process to ensure our software has the highest level of functional
integrity. The rapid evolution of the web catches many companies unaware and
often expensive development is required to keep up. Not so with XSQUIZZIT
technology. We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding technology so you can
concentrate on growing your business. Better still, our automatic software releases
are included as part of your monthly software rental fee.

We Serve To Deliver Results

Our service team go above and beyond
their core duties to ensure that you
eCommerce website is launched
smoothly and issues are quickly resolved.
We are passionate about customer
service and offering high availability.
You can contact us any time during
business hours and there is an after
hours service should you need it.

Our Services Fee Covers:

  • 3rd Party Services such as Payment Gateway and usage services such as
    Emedia Distribution.
  • Unlimited Helpdesk Services
    Note: To compensate our efforts and to create accountability in our service
    team, we bill a fee per block of [INVALID FORM VAR]50K
    online sales per month.
  • Unlimited emails & phone calls to our service centre
  • Advice on how to improve your website / online store
  • Ticketing for lodgement and tracking issues
  • Fix software issues (or logs bugs if they arise)
  • Checking your the connection between your website and your
    accounting package
  • Monitoring automatic updates (which mirrors your data every night).
  • Account Management - discussions on how we can help you improve
    your online sales

Our software rental fee and optional
feature rental covers:

  • Development of major & minor fixes
  • Feature enhancements that have been applied from the wishlist
  • Browser compatibility for HTML Templates and Data Formats that control the
    layouts of content managed areas. (eg. Ensuring your site works with the
    latest browsers, eg. IE8 & Chrome). This does not include customer managed
    HTML content.
  • Testing updates before they are released onto the live server
  • Updating of manuals & help centre with latest features
  • Notification of updates in Administration Centre
  • Ongoing evolution of the software